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Why Fundraising Is Important

According to the National Association of School Principals, roughly 94% of all schools in America are faced with budgetary shortfalls. The items that most often lose out in the competition for the funds that are available are classroom equipment and supplies, and of course the big ticket items like playground equipment and field trips. Fundraising provides money for these shortfalls and empowers our schools, parents and students to take control of their circumstances and do something positive, rewarding and tangible. We are grateful for the opportunity to work on our own behalf to make our school/organization a better place for us all and we thank YOU for your support.

How Fundraising Works

Our organization is currently conducting a traditional take-order fundraiser to provide much needed funds for this year's budget. Our members are also reaching out to you via this website in hopes that you will also support their goal. You have received a unique link from your friend or relative that will ensure that our group will correctly receive credit and funds from your purchase. The items you purchase here will be shipped directly to the address you provide and you may pay for them using your Visa or Mastercard through oursecure processing site.

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Your security is our number one priority. For this reason, we do not keep any credit card information in our systems. Once your order is placed, all your credit card information is purged from our systems, allowing you to shop securely and with confidence!